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How to Transform Your Love Life

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! And because of the beautiful changing weather, I wanted to create a video that's focused on one thing: "Change" Why? Because in order to transform your love life, you must be totally open to change. It's literally impossible to improve unless you're willing to let go of some of your old… Continue Reading...

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Just Hooking Up? How to Get Him to Commit to ONLY You

So you’ve been hooking up or dating a guy casually for a few months, and now you’re starting to actually FEEL something for him. Damn those pesky feelings. But what is a girl to do? You like him, he seems perfect…but it doesn’t seem like he wants a girlfriend. When you’re faced with this situation… Continue Reading...

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3 CLEAR Signs a Guy Likes You More than Just a Friend

So you're getting the "feeling" that he's digging your style, but is he just being friendly or does he actually like you? This is an age old question that women have spent many hours on Sunday afternoon's trying to decode. Well now you can make your Sunday's slightly more productive, because this video will teach… Continue Reading...