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5 Amazing Places to Meet Healthy Men

meet healthy guys

If he’s flexing at a bar, he’s a douche, but if he’s flexing at the gym, then he’s fair game.

Are you sick and tired of dating hamburger-eating smokers, who complain that they  “really need to go to the gym” every night?

Have you ever stopped to realize that maybe this is a direct result of you meeting all these guys that hang out in the smoking section of the local McDonalds (hmmm…can you still smoke in doors?)?

This video is designed to help you focus on finding your “target environments,” where healthy, attractive guys waiting to meet healthy, attractive gals actually exist.

And, don’t worry. If you’re not quite physically fit yet, this plan will “kill two birds with one stone.”

Watch this video to learn the top five places to meet healthy guys.

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Do you hold yourself to the same standards as the men you want to date? Keep in mind that if you want to meet a super health-conscious guy, you need to be holding yourself to the same, if not higher, standards as you measure him by.

Take real action by joining one of the many activities listed in the video. Your participation will not only help you start meeting healthy, attractive guys, but it will also mold you into an even MORE healthy, attractive woman.

Your semi-buff bud,



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  1. Thanks for the advice! I will check out some different running groups. I have joined some running groups but I didn’t really click with them, but perhaps a different one will work better. I live in the downtown in a larger city, maybe I will like that demographic better.

  2. Some very good ideas! I especially like the suggestion of meet up.com. I do like hiking & just started kayaking. Thanks!

  3. These are great ideas! I can easily do at least one of these. Thank you so much! You inspire me and share so much wonderful information. I appreciate you.


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